How to reload python node

From the doc for python node: Create a New Python based KNIME Extension
I have to restart the KNIME everytime I make change to the python file. Is there a faster way to just reload the node I am developing on?

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Hi wenhuizhao,

please have a look at this chapter of the documentation: Create a New Python based KNIME Extension

In short:
If you have in the config.yml set debug_mode: true, then…

  • Changes in the configure and execute methods are loaded without restart.
  • Changes to already existing parameters are loaded without restart.
  • Changes outside of that require a restart. For example, changing the node description, the node’s input and output tables, a new node, and other changes in the file like top level imports.

Additionally, keep in mind that the changes which need a restart can require that you drag&drop the node again into the workflow.

Does this answer the question? Don’t hesitate to ask further questions!

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Thanks. Got it working!


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