how to remove specific text in paragraph

I have document in indonesian language, and then i have dictionary of stopword indonesia,
how to remove a specific text like (“why”, “or”, “and”) or in indonesia like (“karena”,“atau”,“dan”)

for example : “karena lebih banyak dan mudah” i want to remove “karena” and “dan

what should i do?

Have you tried the Stop Word Filter node?

sure, but when i use stopword filter, it removes the sentence, not the conjunction, or specific text

It would be best if you provided your workflow along with example data so that we can see what your approach is, and how the nodes are configured. We can use that as a jumping off point for further troubleshooting.

It would also be helpful if you included in your post what you tried what the results were, so that we don’t spend time suggesting things you already considered.


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