How to remove "wierd" characters from a column headers


I get CSV files from a client the have some weird characters () as a prefix on the first column which is causing some issues when I am trying to do joins later in the flow. It is not the first time I have encountered these or similar characters in exported headers so I need to reliable and reusable method to deal with this.

Image 1

After I extracted the header I tried to remove the offending characters with RegexReplace (/W) which didn’t work and because I cannot find the characters in the character map I cannot do a normal replace or remove.

Any suggestions welcome.



Hi @TigerCole

See this post at Stackoverflow. Where choosing the s special Encoding solves the problem.
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Hello @TigerCole,

if different encoding doesn’t help you can try Column Rename (Regex) node to remove all characters from beginning of column name different than the ones allowed.


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