How to rename files with new Knime release 4.3.0

I used the “Copy/Move Files” node until now, but this one is depreciated. Wanted to go the new path way but couldn’t fine any replacement. “Transfer Files” is only moving files as is from one folder to the other. Did I miss something?

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No you’re right currently the tranfer files node does not allow you to rename files. We’re working on adding this feature. As for now please use the copy move files node for this. You can just copy paste it from old workflows, but I guess you already know this.

Sorry for the trouble we are temporarily causing and a happy new year



I just ran into the same problem when updating one of my Workflows. I’m glad this is being worked on, but I still wanted to add something: The old node would process an entire table with arbitrary file names, from any location. The new node can’t do that, so I’d have to loop around. No big deal, but if it’s not too much to ask, I’d really like to have the table processing method back :slight_smile:

In the meanthyme, I’ll just stick with the deprecated node.

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We’re working on it.



Hi Mark, any status about this topic? When can we expect a fix (just asking because it’s really hurting).
Many thanks for a short update!

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Hey @marcogertsch ,

indeed there are some news. We realized that some features like the one you’re reporting are not supported yet or inconvenient workarounds are required. Therefore, with 4.3.1 (which is going to be released within in the next couple of days) we re-introduce all the deprecated file utility nodes as legacy nodes. They are located under IO/Filehandling (legacy). So as for now you’ll get full access to the old nodes and you’re not forced to use the new Utility nodes.

We hope this is helpful and are busy working on getting all the lacking functionality ported, so that this legacy mix is as short-living as possible.



Hi Mark
many thanks for your reply and great to hear. Do you know if there are improvements for the Excel reader & writer as well? I migrated my workflow to path datatype and realised to late, that the Excel components do not realy work within a variable based loop.
Best regards

Hello marcogertsch,
yes, with 4.3.1 we will introduce a new option for the Excel Reader that if selected, will compute the table specification on execution. The option should help you when looping over files with changing input specification. You will find the “Support changing file schemas” option will be in the Advanced Settings tab.


Hi @Mark_Ortmann,
Any update on the original topic? I see version 4.3.2 is now released but it doesn’t appear “Transfer Files” has been updated yet to allow renaming files as you suggested was in the pipeline. Is there a release date when this functionality is expected to be available? (I’m aware of the workaround using the legacy Copy/Move Files but it’s not ideal if “legacy” implies that component is no longer being maintained.)

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Hey KRads,

sadly we decided last minute not to ship it with 4.3.3 :frowning: . It will be part of 4.4.0 which will be released in July.



Hello there,

adding info that with KNIME version 4.4.0 there is Transfer Files (Table) node which solves above mentioned shortcomings. Here is workflow example from KNIME Hub:



Hello Ivan, your link leads to this picture:*ssm8HaLBUlbUl2OJ:image
Inside the “Columns Expressions” node I cannot find a function “edit filename”, “new filename” or similar.
What function hast to be used to alter the filename in advance to processing it to the “transfer files (table)” node?

How long will it be possible to use the “copy/move files (legacy)” node instead, when will it be removed from Knime?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @ZimS and welcome to the Knime Community.

Have you looked into what @ipazin is doing in the Column Expression? The “edit filename” and “new filename” are not functions, but rather a description of what the nodes are doing. You just need to check inside the node to see what it’s doing and then understand that one of them is doing an “edit filename” and the other one is creating a “new filename”. You will see what functions are being used in these nodes.

Regarding Legacy nodes, it means that you can still use it in your current version of Knime, but they have been replaced by newer nodes that perform better, and will be deprecated in the new few releases.

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