how to rename the data name of the output of `data to report` node

hi, knime lovers,

I use birt before, I remember I can rename the data name of data to report node, so I can easily spot the data in birt.

But in 4.1.3 of knime, 4.0.0.v201911110939 of report design, I cannot find this function! Where is it?

Btw, I find the options of Data to Report – KNIME Hub and Image to Report – KNIME Hub are exact the same.

I suspect there is a bug in it which related with my question.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @HaveF,

Labels are formatted like this by default:
toReport_<node number>

Still if you change the node comment, you will have it as data set label in BIRT.



@HaveF is what Armin is describing no longer working for you?
I just checked and it is working for me, so we need to closer inspect your setup.


Thanks! node comment works :upside_down_face: It’s a bit harder to find this way.

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Hi, Iris,
Armin’s solution works!

But I still believe the two nodes’ options shouldn’t be the same.

There is no image in Data to Report node, its options are confusing.
It’s option should set the data label, instead of using the hidden node comment setup.

With the Data to Report you can send a table to Birt. This can have in one column images. You can generate those with the Image to Report node.

The Image to Report on the other hand can directly send one single image to BIRT.
Thats why both have similar options.


Thanks @Iris
I reviewed the description of the two node, actually the differences which you said are in the doc.

If checked, images in the table will be scaled...

If checked, the image will be scaled ...

Thanks for your detailed explanation again! :heart:


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