How to replace certain cells and keep the others?

Hello everyone,

I need your support.

I want to replace the red cells (from Variable ID column) with the one in green, all the others should be stay as they are.

I tried with Rule Engine and to create a helper columns, but it’s not working well. Do you might have any idea?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @IoIo ,
two suggestions coming to my head now are:
1.You can either do changes manually in the Interactive view of the Table Editor (JavaScript) – KNIME Community Hub node, or
2. You can use Rule Engine – KNIME Community Hub node to create a logical expression for the case of Permanent ID = 906, i.e. in this case what to write in corresponding cells of Variable ID and Status columns.

Let me know if it helps!

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row filter with joiner comes to my mind
best regards

Hi @IoIo ,

You can create a constant column with empty value and then use the replace cell to fill the information that match.



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