How to Replace each column value who belong to an interval of number by a specific value

Hello everybody,

I have a column where i want to replace each value who is between -5 et 5 by 0. How can i do that please ? I don’t find the solution with the math formula node.

Thank you verry much in advance and have a good day.

Hello @ThomasAmb33,

if you want to use Math Formula node you need to use if() function. Following expression should do it:

if( between( -5, $yourColName$, 5 ), 0, $yourColName$)

However I prefer Rule Engine node for such tasks. Find it more intuitive and readable.

$yourColName$  > -5 AND $yourColName$ < 5 => 0
TRUE => $yourColName$



Thank you verry much Ipazin for your reall quick answer, it works really well.

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Hi @ipazin

This is not working for me in ‘Math Formula’ :thinking:

Alternatively you can use:
if( ceil(abs($yourColName$)/5) <= 1, 0, $yourColName$)


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@ThomasAmb33 glad I helped.

@gonhaddock you are right. Middle argument is tested. I automatically assumed it is the first one. I have edited my original reply. Thank you.


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