How to replace multiple values in different columns

Hi everyone,

I need your help for a new issue with Knime.

I am trying to replace multiple values for each columns according to a corresponding table.

Maybe, it’s not clear so i give you an example to illustrate my idea.

So I have my datas like this :

Individu Color cars Statut Job
1 B D Acc
2 Y M Man
3 G S lyer
4 BL D bkr
5 R M dst
6 WH D nrs

So I Would like to replace this values with others values from an other table :

Variable Value Value to change
Colors cars B Blue
Colors cars Y Yellow
Colors cars G Green
Colors cars BL Black
Colors cars R Red
Colors cars WH White
Statut D Divorced
Statut M Married
Statut S Single
Job Acc Accounting
Job Man Manager
Job lyer Lawyer
Job bkr Baker
Job dst Dentist
Job nrs Nurse

But I don’t know how to do this.

Check out the “Column Expressions” node and the replace function within it.

@Snowy Thank you for you answer.

I have checked the " Colomn Expressions " node but I don’t think I am able to use it.
I have any knowledge in java programming.

There is no a simple way to do this ?

Hi @Grayfox,

To make use of the Column Expressions node in this case, you need a loop. Here I have a solution without loops:

value_change.knwf (31.8 KB)

I have used an Unpivoting node on the first table and then joined two tables and finally used a Pivoting node to create the desired output.


P.S. Here is a blog post to learn more about the Column Expressions node:


Hi @armingrudd

I tried your solution and It’s working. Thank you so much.

I also tried an other solution with looping others columns and using the Cell replacer Node to replace with the values that I wanted.
Finally it’s not working when I use the loop, the values are replacing but not with the good one.

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And just for my curiosity, how i can do with a loop and the Cell replacer node.

In my example If I have duplicate values to change in differents variables, but it’s not replace with the good value from the good variable.

For example if I have

Individus Colors Cars Statut Job
1 B D A
2 Y M M
3 G S B

And i want to change the value with this table

Variable Value Value to change
Colors Cars B Blue
Colors Cars Y Yellow
Colors Cars M Marron
Job B Businessman
Job M Manager
Statut M Married

The replacement is wrong, it’s not replace with the good value from the right variable :

Individus Colors Cars Statut Job
1 Blue D A
2 Yellow Marron Marron
3 G S Blue

I’ve got the value " Marron " in the statut column, so the replacement not take the good value from the variable statut.

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