How to replace the not equal sign !=

I am struggling with a query because the unequal sign != is missing in the Rule-based Row Filter or Splitter, or also in the Rule Engine node.

I need to check two pairs of values for unequal != in a query if one of them is above 0, so:

B > 0 AND A != B OR D > 0 AND C != D => TRUE

Only if B is above 0 and there is a difference between A and B or if the same pattern applies to the values C and D, it is TRUE.
How can I perform this expression without the != sign?

Because B > 0 AND A == B OR D > 0 AND C == D => FALSE is not the same.

Hi @Thoralf , in Ruled Engine and Rule Based Row Filter you need to use the NOT keyword instead.

So, in place of
X != Y

Where X and Y would for example be column names such as $Column1$ or flow variables such as

In your pseudo code…
B > 0 AND NOT A = B OR D > 0 AND NOT C = D => TRUE

This had me too when I first started using those nodes. Hope that helps

btw, You can also use brackets if needed to change order of precedence between AND and OR statements, or simply to make the meaning clearer and more explicit

(B > 0 AND NOT A = B) OR (D > 0 AND NOT C = D) => TRUE


Hey @takbb that’s it :slight_smile: Thank you so much!


You’re welcome @Thoralf . Glad it worked for you.

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