How to replicate data 5x

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I have a data set of 4000 rows and would like to replicate it to increase the data rows to 4000 x 5 =20000

Is there such a node to do so, I tried googling but i am unable to find a node of such function

Hi @Nimisha1986,

you mean taking those 4k rows, copy and paste them 4 times to get those 20k lines?

If you need to do it once, you can take a Concatenate node, increase the input ports to 5 and get the final 20k lines dataset. Ugly? Yes. Effort? Zero. :joy:

Something like this:

To increase add input ports, click on the three dots on the concatenate node.

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Hi @Nimisha1986 , an alternative solution (but using 2 x the nodes :wink: ) is to add a Constant Value Column node, creating an integer column with the value 5 and then follow this with a One Row to Many node, using that new column as the “Amounts” value.



That’s another node I didn’t know - the Row Multiplier. I was about to propose a solution using Counting Loop Start followed immediately by Loop End


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