How to retrieve more than 200 tweets and older tweets in Twitter timeline node ?

Hi all,

I use twitter timeline node to retrieve tweets from twitter user (for example richardbranson), but this can only retrieve 200 tweets per user. How to get more than 200 tweets and older tweets in Twitter timeline node ? Many thanks.

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Many services that give data through an API, like facebook, do this in blurps. I assume twitter does the same.

In that blurp it should also give a link to the next blurp if there is one.

You can use the recursive loop to feed the 'next' url back into the loop.

The twitter nodes do the pagination automatically to get to the configured amount of rows. If you don't get more tweets this is (usually) a limitation of the API. In this case however we have a bug in the pagination of the Twitter Timeline node which will be fixed with the next release.



Hi everybody!


The twitter node is not able to extract more than 200 tweets! it's not working ... is  there any solution to suggest ? thx ! i used rapidminer instead but rapidminer gives the id of indiviuals instead of screen names


Please make sure that you are using KNIME 2.12. The pagination bug that resulted in a limitation to 200 tweets should have been fixed there. If that does not solve it please give me more information on your nodes configuration, so I can replicate the problem.