How to retrive KNIME server URL to be used in workflow


in order to create a workflow which create REST Api links and will run on different servers, I would like to extract the current server URL, I am running the workflow on.

I tried the Extract Sytem/Context properties node on the server, but I could not find the URL there. Did I miss something like a server setting to be shown here or are there other options?

Thank you!

KNIME Server doesn’t necessarily know its URL (it could be running behind a Webserver). Assuming a more simple setup, then you should be able to use your existing strategy just so long as the HOSTNAME environment variable is correctly set.



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Hey Jon,

could you please point me to the place/file where the HOSTNAME variable is set? I checked some setting files and couldn’t find the empty Hostename string.

What would be the workaround?

Thank you!

P.S. Our KNIME Server runs behind NGINX

PPS. We found a Workaround using a Java snippet:

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Hi Lars,

As far as I know, there is no node that can provide that information. But I just tried your workaround and it works great, thanks for that! :slight_smile:


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