How to rotate the scale of a Line Plot?

Dear Knimers,
My data allowed me to build the following chart, using a Line Plot node:

It’s fine (or almost), and it’s according to my data:
Chart - monthly PA vs Time.csv (1.9 KB)

But I’m facing a legibility problem on the scale of the x-axis. Data are grouped by year and month (2 digits each) and are presented in the format YYMM. I couldn’t find a control button (or something else with an equivalent function) to allow me a rotation (e.g., 45° or 90°) of the scale of the x-axis. I need that in order to avoid the superimposition of one value and the adjacents.
Can someone help me with this (supposedly easy) task? But I need to do that just using Knime functionalities, but not external capabilities (such as written command lines, in Python or R, etc.).
Thanks anyone might help me with this.

@rogerius1st and there I was hoping to convince you of the benefits of employing Python graphics in order to get interesting charts:

With the help of KNIME Data Apps one can create a GUI where you can select the data change settings in order to make this usable in similar situations:

The settings will be converted into Python code. Once a framework is there you can change the settings - or even better ask ChatGPT to do it for you. Also let it explain the code. Here to steer the angle of the x-axis text:


kn_example_python_graphic_linechart_date.knwf (359.1 KB)

Great as KNIME is, I think sometimes if you want more complex scientific charts with some individual settings you might want to use Python - but luckily you can integrate that into our favourite low code tool :slight_smile:


Dear Markus,
Thank you (once again) for trying to help me. But I’m afraid I have no available time for learning how to learn (at the basics of) Python to implement it in my current project. My “deadline” has arrived… Later on, I promise you I will do my best effort to do so. But (for now), isn’t there a tool entirely in Knime (for rotating the scale of a graph (built with the Line Plot node))? I have no available time to take this “large step” right now.

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@rogerius1st for now you can just use the GUI I have provided. No need to learn Python right now. If there are more things to adapt I could try and implement them.

The graphic should be there as a PNG file with the months rotated 45 degrees.

Maybe you give it a try:


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