How to select an intervale of dates in Rule-based Row Filter node

Hi guys.

I’m using a Rule-based Row Filter node and I need to filter with a certain date intervale. So I’m writing this in the node:

$DATE_A$ >= “2017/11/01” AND $DATE_A$ <= “2018/01/31” => TRUE

I’m off course using the option include TRUE matches, but this does not have the result I need.

The exact format I have looks like this:


Maybe I’m not writing in the correct date format in the node.

I would prefer to have this in the Rule-based Row Filter node because I’ll be adding more filters with AND.

Thanks for your help!

Usually you would use the Date&Time-based Row Filter node for a task like this. But as you want to apply several rules within the Rule-based Row Filter node you could use this date&time representation to define your rule: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.s

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It may be trivial, but an effective way to know how to write the correct format of a date in your Rule-based Row Filter node, it’s by simply copying one register from your date column showed in the out-port and paste it in the Rule-based Row Filter node.

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