How to select file by "String Radio Buttons" node on WebPort

I try to create a workflow which will list all candidate files in a specified folder and user should select one before go to next step. I used a List File node to list candidate files and contacted them with comma and exported them to variable. Then I found there is no flow variable which control the "Possible Choices" for "String Radio Buttons" node. Only a "choices" array in flow variables page. But I do not know how to convert a table column to an array and assigned it to an flow variable array. Would you please help me.

I attached my workflow as an example and I am working on KNIME 2.7.4 now.

Thank you very much.

Hi Madlee,

Have you considered using a column filter and a value selection quickfrom node? This seems much simpler to implement.



Hi,Aaron, I am failed.

The list is empty. I am pretty sure that the file are listed correctly by File List node and they are saved into csv file. But none of them are showed in webport. :(

The attachment is my workflow. Would you please help me to make a check. Thank you.

I am using value selection quickform node to choose the file. But here is what i got.

Hi Madlee,

Here, try this. The problem may have been that your directory contained more thatn 60 files and in that case, it wouldn't work due to some deliberate limits on the number of vales saved in our table specs. This is overridden with a domain calculator node.

Does the attached workflow work for you?




Hi, Aaron,

It works. Thank you very much. :)