How to select row with most recent date (unique_id has multiple occurences)

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I have the below file:

As you can see, the unique_id appears twice in the screenshot as the rmad field has been updated. What I need is to have logic in place which will tell KNIME to keep the row with unique_id etc with the most recent rmad date. So in this case I would keep only the row with RMAD at 2021-06-15.

Would anyone know how to do this?

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you could use groupby node on the unique id and then choose max Rmad (could be that using string to datetime node could be helpful before the grouping)


Hi @Daniel_Weikert,

Thanks for the reply!

I converted RMAD to date&time, however when I perform the groupby the table structure changes and will only hold the aggregated columns I included in the config. What I need is for the table format to stay the same, but to only have the max date included.

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I can obviously add all the fields in the groups settings… Thank for the help @Daniel_Weikert

The GroupBy certainly works, but the Duplicate Row Filter node also contains this functionality. E.g.:

If you’re ever presenting the workflow, non-tech users will probably understand more what’s happening with the duplicate row filter node rather than the groupby node.


Hello @rutgerverhaar,

as @Snowy pointed out this is exactly the use case for Duplicate Row Filter node :wink:



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