How to send data from the first called workflow to the second called workflow

Hi all,
I want to send data from the first called workflow to the second called workflow.

I used the ‘Container Input/Output’ node, but it doesn’t seem to be able to pass data to the second workflow. How can I configure the options to solve the problem?

Please refer to the picture below.

These are the options I set in the ‘Container Input’ node of the second workflow.

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Hi @jjlee,

The Container Input and Output nodes belong to a newer way of launching workflows, namely Workflow Services:

With the Call Workflow Service node you should be able to select the workflow that contains input and/or output nodes and it will automatically display the correct data inputs and outputs.

Kind regards

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HI @marvin.kickuth ,

Thanks for your apply.
I’m using Knime Server 4.5.1, so I set the ap to the same vesion and the problem was solved.
And the call workflow service doesn’t work properly in the version I’m using.

I configured it like this:

But I don’t like the added part where I have to call and connect the first workflow in the second workflow. Do I really need to use a Call workflow in front of an input node?

I have already created a workflow that controls the workflow sequence and connected the first and second workflows in it.

I don’t understand why additionally I need to call the first workflow from the second workflow to complete the execution.


Wanted to follow up on this, I know using the Call Workflow Service nodes at the beginning can be a little tricky. To help with that, I put together an example of stringing together multiple workflow calls one after the other, using the Call Workflow Service and Input/Output nodes. Please find attached:

Example_WF_Group.knar (31.4 KB)



Hi @rsrudd
The workflow you attached was very helpful!! Thank you for kindly making an example. :smile:

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