How to send output data as an html table via email

I want to send the output data via an email, as an html table.
I am using the Send Email component, but I cannot propagate the data to this new node, unless i use an intermidiate node.
I tried to use the Table Row to Variable, but this will only pick one row at the time.
I also tried to use the Table to HTML, but this would only let me attach the .html file on the email.

Could you please let me know if i can somehow create an html table, with all my data, embedded on the email body?

It doesn’t sound like you are developing a node or an extension to KNIME (i.e writing code in Java for new functionality to appear in KNIME.) If you are not, you should ask your question on this forum. If you are, could you be more specific about the development issue?

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Hi @mucu,

take a look at the Table to HTML component. This could be exactly what you are searching for (if you are actually not developing a new node as @quaeler pointed out).



Another option is you can use this node to convert the table to an HTML String that you can then use in the Send Email node:

Example usage:

If you want to include pictures see:

You can configure some CSS styling (though limited) for the table.

Example email render:

This node can be found in the Lhasa Limited community contributions.




this works fine for me thanks a lot!

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