How to set the Schrodinger license on KNIME?


I want to use Schrodinger on KNIME.
But it shows that " Execute failed: License is not correctly set"

I have license, but I don't know how to set it!

<I try to set it from file-> preferences -> schrodinger>

However,there are no place to set it~

Who can help me to set it?

Thank you!

Hi Wendy,

I'm sorry you are seeing this problem.  Can you please email, our technical support will take you through some steps to determine why you are having this license issue.




I know it is already quite late but I could solve the problem and wanted to share it for the future, as I could not find anything on the internet. If you have installed the license correctly and the license check in the Schrödinger Power Shell is all fine (command: licadmin CHECK), then the only problem is the installation folder which must be set in KNIME. By clicking on File>Preferences>KNIME> Schrödinger, you should select the installation folder. In my case it was the usual folder where all programs are installed (C:\Program Files\Schrodinger2021-2 in Windows). Doing this solved the problem for me, I hope it can help someone else!