How to Set Up Knime Target Platform?

I’m completely new to Eclipse and Knime and I’m trying to follow the instructions for setting up an Eclipse target platform for Knime. I’ve done all the downloads I can find and haven’t had any luck. I’m getting an error message indicating that some dependencies cannot be resolved. See screen shot:

The versions I’m using are as follows:
JDK 9.0.4
Ecliipse Oxygen 3.7
Knime 3.5.2

Any help or clue as to what I should try next would be appreciated.

Hi @mdenzien,
You can edit the target definition and remove the KNIME Build System, you don’t need it when developing KNIME nodes. To do this just double-click on the update site and scroll down to the KNIME Node Development Tools group, make sure all check-boxes, but the KNIME Testing Framework one, are unchecked.

Also did you have a look at our SDK Setup Guide yet?


Many thanks Gabriel. The SDK Setup Guide looks like it’s just the thing. I’ll check it out and I may have a follow up question or two.

Mike D

The SDK Setup Guide did the trick, and I now have Knime running in debug mode. Thanks again.

One small thing about the setup guide: When I went to install the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment, the name on the repository was “Eclipse Plugin Development Tools” rather than “Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment”. Though this caused only momentary confusion, might it warrant a correction to the setup guide?

A follow-up question: When I get to creating my own nodes, does it make sense to use the New Node Wizard? If so, how might I install it into Eclipse? (It doesn’t seem to be there at the moment.) Or, is there another simple way other than building up all the classes from scratch?

Mike D

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I am glad it is working for you know! Thank you for the note regarding the PDE / PDT, I will correct it ASAP.

Creating your own nodes

  • The sdk setup repository contains an example node, you can just copy that project and start developing.

  • Alternatively, especially if you like to use maven you can try out:
  • You could also install the New Node Wizzard via the KNIME update site (the same used in the target platform definition).

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