How to setup a Connection between Microsoft SQL and Knime

Hello Community,

i've created a database in Microsoft SQL for my University Exam. And now i have to analyse it in KNIME.

I don't exactly know how to connect those two now. I've tried different things in this forum already, nothing seems to work for me.

Now I've tried to link them with a Database Connector, but i'll always get a error that my Port number isnt correct.

" jdbc:sqlserver://<>:<80>/<Knime_Szenario> ". This is what i typed in. The server is running on my local pc and i've looked up the port number in the configuration menu of the server.

I dont know if "Database Connector" is even the right thing.


Thanks in advance.


First you need to establish connection to your SQL server. You can add jar library from Preferences->Knime->Databases and then use database table

i got the jdbc 4.0 driver there installed. if that is what u mean.

I could give access to my pc via Teamviewer if it makes things easier.

In case you have found a solution, please share.

I think that solution is under this link: