how to setup the "download" node??

Hi everyone!
I have some problem to set up the download node. I’m explaining…I have a workflow that give me in output a list of images in this form “http://IP_address/directory/subdirectory/namefile.jpg”.
I tried to use the node “HTTP connection” and the node “Download” to extract the images but doesn’t work.

Which are the corrects nodes that let me downolad the immages?

Thank you in advance.


@ARuggeri91 welcome to the KNIME community

Could you tell us more about the error message, maybe even post a screenshot or an extract from the Log file. With the download node it is necessary to provide an input and an output URI string. Maybe you can check out this example and see if it could help:

Also you might provide us with the list of URLs (or an extract) and maybe someone could help.


Hi @ARuggeri91,

We use the HTTP Connection node without “https://” or : portnumber or /subdirectory in the URL.
This was the issue I had the first time I was trying to download an image.

I hope this helps you solve your issue.



Hi @armingrudd , @mlauber71
thanks for the answer, I did it!
My mistake was adding all the IP adress+N°port in the http field.

Thank you!


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