How to show different lines in the same table

Hello everyone!

I have a problem like this:

In my table "Table One" there's a field named "uid" (and other fields), every "uid" have 24 different columns in the table. What I want is to show the data in a node like "Line Plot" node, which means if there are two different uids in the table, the "Line Plot" node will produce two different lines after executing in the same "Line Plot" node. 

Does anyone who know what I'm saying and help me?

Thank u very much.



I'm sorry, I'm neither sure what your data looks like, nor what your expected results look like. Could you provide a small example table and a simple mockup of the expected result?

Thank u again Marlin.

This is the first time  I post a question on KNIME forum, so please forgive me.

My data format is like this:

    Row 1    Uid Mon Tue Wed Thr

    Row 2    uid1 2   3   3    4

    Row 3    uid2 3   5   3    1

The table above was produced by a "Transpose" node -- so my problem is, before being transposing the data can be shown in "Line Plot" node, but after transposing it can't be.

Did I make myself clear this time?



Ok, now I see what you want.

It's funny how almost the same issue popped up just yesterday in this thread. And my suggestion is almost the same: Use some of the loop nodes and replace your Line Plot with a Line Chart (JFreeChart), then do with the resulting images whatever you want. There are many options in the details. You could for example iterate over each row of your table with a Chunk Loop Start in its standard configuration, or go one step back before the Transpose and use a Column List Loop Start. Both would give you one dataset per iteration, for one plot. I don't know what you want to do with the plots, but if you just type "image" into the Node Repository search box, you get a lot of options.

Hope that helps!

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