How to show only those rows that contain missing values

Hello dear KNIME community,

I have quite simple question, here is the example (table format; semicolon séparated):

cherry; apple; peach
2; 3; 4;
?: 1; 3;
1; 1; 1;
?; ?; 0;
2; ?; 1;
1; 3; ?;
4; 4; 4.

I would like to show (or to select) ANY rows whith existing missing values. The output should be:

{ cherry; apple; peach}
?: 1; 3;
?; ?; 0;
2; ?; 1;
1; 3; ?;
Which node could I use to do that? Thank you in advance! I tried “Rule-based Row Filter”, with missing option set TRUE, but it is not giving me the desired result, it just shows all rows that are simultaneously empty.

Hi @Milovanova

Did you try: MISSING $cherry$ OR MISSING $apple$ OR MISSING $peach$ => TRUE

gr. Hans


Hi @Milovanova

Please find below a generic solution regardless of the structure of the table :wink:

20200511 Pikairos How to show only those rows that contain missing values.knwf (23.1 KB)

Hope this is of help.

best regards



Thank you for your solution! it worked


yes this worked too, thx!

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