How to show the result in batch modle

Hi everyone,
I have a problem about knime .When I try to use batch modle , it just show the result about its successful or failure. I could not get the result about what the last node got at last or what i will get this pictureknime

what should i do to get the data from last node ?

Hi @YoGa,

you need to define an output / writer node within your workflow (e.g., EXCEL, CSV, database).
Depending on chosen node and defined target location, you’ll find your results there.

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Hi @Patrick1974 ,

Thank you Patrick ! I understand what you mean,but it’s not what I want. I just want to show the process in cmd window.And if it possible to show the result of each nodes.That’s what I really want.

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Hi @YoGa,

got it now - you like to see a mix of a progress bar and results passed to another node, right?. As far as I know, this is only possible if you add additional writer nodes and check the results then based on that files / db-tables. Since “batch mode” is supposed to be unattended and especially the opposite to “dialog mode”, interactive output is not native to that concept. You’ll have either to reconsider your approach or add some workarounds such as writer nodes.

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Hi @Patrick1974,

Thank you Patrick ! I got it.
If I want to get the result from each node in cmd window,may be I need to use some writer nodes or making my own nodes to show the result.

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