How to solve disk space problem

I don’t have Knime server. The company is bidding. My hard disk was full and I solved the problem by resetting the flows.
Is there another way to solve this problem?

My company set a VM on one of the servers nd install Desktop version on it. I remotely connect to VM and work as on desktop.

Hi @Aldemir , I’m not sure how to answer that…

I mean if you have space issue, then you need to add space or/and delete things.

When you save your workflows as executed, then the workflows will be saved with the data.

If you don’t need them to be saved with the data, then reset the workflows before saving them.

You can add external SSDs as an easy solution and move your workspace onto the external SSD. That will add more space for you.

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Many thanks for the reply. I can’t use external SSD. I solved the problem resetting the flows. I would like to know how everyone solves this problem.

We have VM but we have little space on these machines. They are migrating everything to the cloud.

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