How to Specify Output Filenames for JSON and XML Writers

I'm fresh to knime and built my first workflow recently.  I setup a workflow that queries a remote database and dumps the results to my local disk in json and xml formats.  I've attached a screen grab of my workflow.  My issue is this:  the json and xml are dumped to my local disk with the names Row1.json and Row1.xml.  I would like to be able to give the json and xml specific names, such as row_oriented.json or column_oriented.json depending on how the data is represented in the json/xml format.  Unfortunatley, I cannot figure out how to specify the name of the output json/xml files.  Is this possible?  If so, could someone direct me to an example or some documentation?  Thanks in advance!

I guess you could change the row id with the RowID node, though to add a new column, you will also need a Table Creator and the Dumb Joiner from the Lhasa nodes (alternatively you can add a constant column in case with your settings there is only a single row in the results and use RowID after that). The other option is to just simply rename (probably deleting before the previous results) with the Copy/Move Files node (from the File Handling extension) or a Java Snippet after the file was created with the wrong name.

Hope this helps (others might know better solutions ;) ), gabor