How to split sentiwordnet columns in Knime

How to split SentiwordNet columns POS ID PosScore NegSocre

KNIME_project4.knwf (2.3 KB)

How to get lemma , definations fron this sentiword net in knime

Better to use the FileReader Node. The FileReader Node automatically guesses the correct table structure. You just need to rename the column names.
There is a “Stanford Lemmatizer” Node in KNIME.

How can I use SentiWordNet in knime

I would probably try this approach described by @M42:

KNIME_project4.knwf (6.0 KB)

Im getting Like this Is my way wrong or what I didnt get it

You sent your Workflow without data so it is hard to tell what is going on there.
Can you describe your problem and send some screenshots?
Also keep in mind that not only adjectives are relevant for a sentiment. Verbs and nouns
can be relevant too in order to derive the correct mood.

KNIME_project4.knwf (11.9 KB)

Your workflow is still uploaded without any data. Can you describe a little bit more in detail what you want to achieve and/or what your current problem is? It is hard to tell from the raw workflow.

Yup sure Actuall I have extracted features for those reviews. Now I want to do sentiment analysis Using sentiwordnet for those features

As per My knowledge generally opinions are associated with adjectives and adverbs
Now i trying know how to use this sentiwordnet for sentiment analysis in knime

This is features set

You need to extract or tag the sentiment words that are associated with the features. You can use the Dictionary Tagger to find the Sentiwords within your text.
You can do the same with your feature set. Then extract the features and sentiwords and group on the document id or features and summarize the Pos/Neg Scores. You will get a tendency if the feature is rated more towards positive or towards negative.
But be aware that this is a very basic approach. Other maybe important factors like negations, irony/sarcasm etc. won’t be covered. I experienced that word lists for sentiment analysis often perform bad in other domains than those they have been extracted from originally (e.g. News vs. Social Media data).

what I understood is I need to have a pair of feature with its sentiment word . Sentiwordnet must be filtered with the sentiment words that are within my text document and join them But Synset contains more than 1 word in cell then how to join them May be thats the problem I think

Im a student Doing project in this domain ,Please consider. May be my questions are silly
Thanks for You response

I modified your workflow to demonstrate how it could look like.
There is a lot of room for improvement. You should notice that by
just aggregating all sentiwordnet scores, you do not come up with
the correct sentiment (which is what i ment in my last post).
By selecting a subset of the dictionary (that’s more relevant
for review data) i could improve the result. Hope this gives
you some inspiration for your work.
KNIME_project4.knwf (1.6 MB)