How to store multiple groupby node results in one CSV file?

I just wanted to know how we can store multiple groupby node results in one CSV file or excel file.
As you can see in this image, it has been used multiple groupby node.
Store the results with particular raw name in single CSV file.
For example,

From image,

First row l second row
Average age l result of first groupby node

Sex and income values l result of second groupby node

I need this results in one CSV file.


Thanks in advance…

Hi @chaitalipatel, and welcome to the forum!

Would you be able to upload an export of the workflow that you have so far so that we can see the output from your GroupBy nodes.

I’m not quite understanding what the output csv format is that you are looking for, which is maybe just me misunderstanding what you have said. Are you asking for there to be a different format on each row? The standard csv format is typically a table of 1 or more records each containing the same columns, (but multiple calls to CSV Writer, with “append” can have it write different row formats if that is what is needed)

From the output you have so far, can you give an example (e.g. created in a text editor) of how the resultant csv file should look?


This is the format of output file. I really hope you get it.

I’m trying to imagine what the outputs from each of the group nodes and from the descriptions. I’ve tried creating a workflow based on your descriptions, but it’s not easy.

Are they are going to be something like this?

First GroupBy node:

Second GroupBy node:

Third GroupBy node:
I’m a little confused about what this output is going to look like from the description (uploading your workflow, and/or screenshots of the outputs from each GroupBy would make this easier to answer)
I’m going to go for it simply showing this, but please correct if it is totally different to this:
image )

So are you wanting to flatten these groupings into a single row (so the entire file is just 3 records) or do you want the csv file to just contain all records from GroupBy1 followed by all records from GroupBy2 followed by all records from GroupBy3?

For example, GroupBy2 could either be output as it is, across 7 records. If you want it flattened onto a single row, I’m not sure what you’d want it to show as you won’t have column headings. On viewing the file afterwards, how would you know which value relates to which marital status?

It isn’t clear to me, so that’s why I think you need to do an actual mock-up of the file. Only by stating exactly how you want it to look can we really work out the best way to achieve it.


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