How to Sum two rows?

I have this table and what I want to do is add the value in each cell to the one below the respective cell. example: Column 1, Row 1 should be Column 1 Row 0 + Column 1, Row 1 which is 5 + 9 and so on and so for, for the rest of the cells

Appreciate any help
Thanks in advance

Hi @kanishka271

Take a look at this wf how_to_sum_rows.knwf (32.7 KB)

gr. Hans

Alternatively, a one-node solution would be the Moving Aggregation node with cumulative computation with the aggregation method on Sum. In any case, you need to feed the values as integers instead of string like you currently have in your example.



Note: if the number of columns is dynamic, you can opt to use flow variables to control this in the Moving Aggregation node.


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