How to tell Knime not to store Data in the User Profile

Hi all,
Knime stores sometimes Data in:

The problem for me is now that the Systempartition is not to large on my computer and it produced some trouble that knime was running out of space.

So is there a way to tell Knime to store those temporary files on a different partition?
Since Knime demands more space than usual it would be handy.

I could not find anything regarding the matter.


Hi @TotalDataLoss , I think the temp folder is used for “temp” files.

I think the data contained in the nodes are saved in the workflow’s folder under the respective node folder in the workspace.

For example, these are the folders of the nodes that I have for a workflow:

If we look at the Table Creator folder, there’s a port folder, usually port_1, port_2, etc, depending on how many ports the node has. The Table Creator node has only 1 port, so you will see port_1:

And inside the port_1, you can see the data is saved there:

You can check any of your Table Creator nodes that you have.

Can you tell us what Knime files you found in the temp folder?


Hi Bruno,

I think the temp folder is used for “temp” files

Yes and those temp files are the problem. (Right when i installed Knime i created the path for the files for the workflows leading to another partition). But despite that the files you mentioned are on another partition this temp folder gets to big right now (changing the size of the partition would be troublesome) and i would rather have them on the same partition where those other files reside.

In AppData\Local\Temp i have:

Those folder are subfolders for some testing workflows.
Those folder are from yesterday and still there.
Inside the folder are duplicate checks like:

I used a sorter node to sort for Long Integer Number.

Anyways is there a way to tell knime to store the temp files on another partition where i have more space?


Hi @TotalDataLoss , I’ve not been able to find where this could be configured (Knime UI or knime.ini).

However, I think if these are temporary files, as in they are meant to live temporarily, they should remain in the Windows temp folder, as Windows will take care of cleaning up the temp folder.

Moving these to another location will not get cleaned up.

You can run disk cleanup, or there is an option to have Windows do this automatically.

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Change temp folder in KNIME preferences:


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