How To Text extract Image in Knime


I want to extract from image.

For example, below the picture extract to “artificial intelligence”

I found Tess4J-3.4.8 but how to install in Knime.



You can install the Tess4J node from the Image Processing and Analysis section of the 3.6 community contributions site ( This bundles its own version of Tess4J, so you don’t need an external version (but I think the node allows you to use an external version if you like).

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PS dragging and dropping your JPG onto a blank workflow (configures an Image Reader node) and then using the Tess4J node with default settings does a reasonable job but I expect some preprocessing could help)


Hi James,

Thanks for answer but your shared link does not open :frowning:
And I have Knime 3.6 bur Tess4j not exist. 2018-10-18_20-30-40

So Knime all extentions download. Unfortunately Tess4j Node does not exist in Knime 3.6 .


Sorry - I should have been clearer… You should choose “Help->Install new software”, and then click the “Add…” button. This will allow you to point to a new repository.

A pop-up will appear where you can type a name (like “Community contributions”), and then enter a URL - that’s where the link I gave should go (

Now you will be able to choose this new repository in the dropdown of the Available Software interface and find the Tess4J item.

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Ok understood. Thanks again. ıt’s done But this time error below :frowning: and Tess4J node is not still ?

I installed the Knime image process node is below.


Hi omeralitopal,
I have the same request as yours, could you share your workflow if you have a solution?

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