how to transfere an SQL statement to Knime workflow

I have following example:
SELECT [xls_Manufacturer List_2023-10-25].[Current ID], Len([Current ID]) AS Laenge, [xls_Manufacturer List_2023-10-25].Name, [xls_Manufacturer List_2023-10-25].[Current Name]
FROM [xls_Manufacturer List_2023-10-25];

Is there a function avaibale that transfere this MS-Access query to Knime workflow?

Hi @mi171.

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You can use your SQL statment directly on node DB execute as this example workflow.

You can drag and drop it on you KNIME canvas and test your needs.

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Thanks for this answers.
Interesting to know that an SQL query can be used in a Knime node.

But my idea was to get all needed Knime nodes for the same result als the SQL query does. In this example select database table, filter the colums, add an additional column that calculates the lenght of values in column [Current ID].

If Knime can do this it would be easy to transform e.g. MS Access to a Knime project.

Hi @mi171

You can try this example


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@mi171 knime has a broad variety of options to work with SQL and databases:

If you just want to work within knime and with knime nodes that is also an option. The knime/Beginners Space – KNIME Community Hub might be a good point to start.

As @hmfa has mentioned you can also directly work with MS Access itself:


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