how to transpose the column date data to the first row of a table

hi there, I am stuck at how to transform the date & week columns to 2 rows in the title. The rest of the data need to match the date and week.
like transform the pic1 into something like pic2. Appreciate your help!!! I searched many cases but can’t find the way out. I tried pivot table, transpose, group loop, chunk loop…

I doubt that a single operation can get you there but a combnation of nodes.
E.g. I assume week column is the second row so you could do first an aggregation to get Date and Week in a list, and use ungroup operation after pivoting later to get it into 2 rows. That still requires some additional steps but might give you some inspiration to start

hi glaysontkd
hope my attachment w/flow will provide you with some ideas. apologize if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

KNIME_col2rows-MM.knwf (151.9 KB)

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Thank you for the hint. I will keep trying! :rose:

OMG, it’s so kind of you! I Appreciate that. I will learn and study the flow you shared. thank uuuu!

Hi @marzukim, I studied your flow. It’s very helpful and a very good solution. I learn a new mindset from u. I applied the workflow to my data successfully. APPRECIATE your effort and help.!!


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