How to understand Workflow from the Zip file .


Can you please let me know how to understand the workflow from zip file attached below as in this all content is in xml…as its really urgent for me to know that workflow.

So please kindly help. (366.8 KB)

Dear @ankitk306,

you have to import the workflow into KNIME in order to see it. See

I hope this helps,


Hi Christian,

Thanks for prompt reply but thats used for either .knwf or .knar file extension.

But if you just ipen my attached zip file above it doesnt have any such files.

It contains the details of nodes in xml files and one workflow.knime file…

So kindly help me how to interpret this workflow by this.


Hi ankitk306,

if the .zip file is indeed a KNIME workflow, it should work exactly the same when you import it in the KNIME explorer (so just Right-Click on LOCAL in the KNIME Explorer, then choose Import Knime Workflow… and select the .zip file). However, a double-click will not work as this is only associated with KNIME for .knwf and .kar files.



Hi DaveK,

Thanks a lot it works !!!

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