How to unpivot different columns


Sometimes, users input too many values in just one field.

For example, I am actually trying to go from this (on the G and I column):

To this:

I tried using Cell Splitter, Unpivoting and Joiner, and even Duplicate Row filter, but I keep getting duplicates after all of that:

And also, for example, if I use just the Invoice Number for the Duplicate Row Filter, I just get one value on the B/L Number column. In this example, I have 34 values both on Invoice Number and B/L Number.

Here I share you the workflow example:

ExampleToShare.knwf (99.5 KB)

As you can see, there is also a Container Number field, sometimes it comes with more than one value as well.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello @NathanDrake
I’ve been having a look to your data (shared wf). I did a clean up unpivoting the comma listed values, I did correct the missing comma separators as well; but the logic behind joiner and final filter is not too clear for me…

I can share the exploratory workflow with you; you can find it useful.

20230322_pivot_list_columns_ExampleToShare_v0.knwf (44.0 KB)

But my question is… what’s next?



Hi @gonhaddock

Thank you very much for your help.

So basically, nothing’s next :smile:

What you have done is what I needed! the only last thing I would need is to also extend the Container Number in all of the rows. I would really appreciate if you can do that last thing. I’m already checking your answer as the Solution.

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Thanks for validating the solution @NathanDrake

Aiming to complete this latest task. You just have to add the column in the Missing Value node configuration; In the same way the other columns do.


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