How to unzip several zip files and merge all the data in one file


starting in Knime, my database is made of several zip files. I would like to merge all the data into one file. 

So i started with List files then Table row to variable loop start  then unzip files but from here i'm blocked. 

Any idea, suggestion on how to do it? 


I assume by 'merge' you mean you want to read each individual file (which presumably would have the same structure) and add all the data to a single table?

Here is the strategy I would try:
You currently have a loop that unzips the files. Now you need an inner (nested) loop that reads each unzipped file and adds it to a master table. Follow your Unzip Files node with a Table row to variable loop start node (this starts the inner loop). Then use a file reader node (or appropriate reader node) to read the contents of the current unzipped file. Then try a Concatenate node to add the data from the file to a master table. Finish the inner loop with a Loop End node. 

This should get you started (assuming I correctly understood your aim).

Good luck,