How to update preferences.epf on Knime server 4.11.x

I have a Knime Server 4.11.1 , Small, running on a Linux AWS EC2 instance.

I just bought the Palladian license and to integrate it in the server, I need to update the preferences.epf

Reading the docs ( KNIME Server Administration Guide ) , I must admit I’m confused as to what is the file that needs to be updated:

  • / srv / knime_server / config / client-profiles / executor.epf
  • / srv / knime_server / config / client-profiles / default / default.epf
  • / srv / knime_server / config / client-profiles / default / executor.epf
  • / srv / knime_server / config / preferences.epf ( based on the previous version of the doc but I still tried )

None of those worked :frowning:

Do I have to edit another one? If not, which one was the right one? Are there specific lines I need to make sure not to forget in the file?




Also, do I have to edit the knime.ini file?

Thanks in advance!

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Been in contact with Sébastien in that matter and adding myself for notifications.



Thanks for asking – this is actually a pretty neat topic. :slight_smile: The preferences files are an easy way to set up an executor so that it always has an environment configured automatically instead of having to specify it every time.

If you already have AP configured the way you like it, but now you’re adding a KNIME server to the mix and need it to know how to find/configure something (like a database driver, or a Python environment), then you can do like the documentation states:
Start KNIME AP (with an arbitrary workspace).

Set all preferences via “File” → “Preferences”) and export the preferences via “File” → “Export Preferences”.

This will create a text file with all of AP’s preferences. Obviously, there are a lot of them that you won’t need on the executor, but it’s a good way to get the right format for the few that you will need.

Note that any references in this client-side file will pertain to the directory structure on your client computer; when you make changes to the server side preferences file, make sure you adjust any directory paths so that it points to the proper server-side directory locations.

Where it says something like
Open the exported preferences and insert the relevant lines into <server-repository>/config/client-profiles/executor.epf

So above is talking about what i mentioned above - the relevant lines are whichever ones you need - you don’t need everything.

the ‘<server-repository>’ portion should be replaced with the directory where you have placed the KNIME server’s workflow repository.
For example, on my test environment server here, my server repository is in /opt/knime/knime_server/workflow_repository.
So I would go to /opt/knime/knime_server/workflow_repository/config/client-profiles and look there.
On 4.11, you should see two subdirectories: default and executor.

Next, it says:
We have bundled a file called executor.epf into the <server-repository>/config/client-profiles/executor folder.

So if you look in <server-repository>/config/client-profiles, you should see a subdirectory named ‘executor’.
If you go into the executor directory, you will see an executor.epf file.

Note that the file MUST start with:

Following that, you can have whatever preferences configurations are needed.
Edit this file with whatever changes you wanted to see applied.
Save and exit, obviously. :slight_smile:

Next, to make sure that the executor loads these preference files when it starts, you need to make sure your knime.ini file is set up right.

If you installed the executor as part of the server install (and since you said it was an AWS image, it probably was automatically), the necessary -profileLocation and -profileList lines are probably already in there, but you can check it to make sure.
If they are not there, just place the necessary lines from documentation BEFORE the line that says ‘-vmargs’.

So - you exported the AP preferences;
you snagged the few configuration lines you need to paste on the server;
you found the executor.epf file and placed the lines into it;
you made sure that if they need to be adjusted to point to the right locations on the SERVER, that it is done;
and you made sure the knime.ini is configured correctly to load the preferences each time.

Restart the executor to pick up the changes, and you should be good to go.

Let me know if you have any other questions!




Thanks for your help. It works now.

To be honest I must admit I stumbled on the same rock as last time ( Where can I edit the Executor Config File ) . I was updating the knime.ini file located in the although this one is a fake one.
As explained in the linked topic, the one I had to edit was the one in the executor folder.

Thanks to all.


I have migrated to a new server for multiple reasons ( including the migration from TomEE to Tomcat )

I have “swapped” my worfklow repository EBS volume to the new server ( including the profiles folders and executor.epf file )

I have updated the knime.ini file to fetch the profiles.

Do you have any idea what I could have missed? What is the missing link?

Is there another way to check that the profiles are loaded into the executor?

Best regards,

PS: I know my executor is working fine since the other workflows can be executed

I fixed it, but I’m not sure how.
I think removing the “file export version” from the preferences.epf did the trick.