How to upload a file from S3 bucket to Google shared drive

HI team,
I trying to upload a CSV file from my s3 bucket to google shared drive.
Is there any sample workflow to which I refer?
when I execute the following workflow, I see the csv file uploaded in google drive, but there is no data in it.
And in the file I see that there is access denied error.


Hey @ShinagdeS

on which KNIME Version are you currently on? With 4.3 we released the new Filehandling framework which allows you to easily transfer files between different file systems such as Google Drive, S3, etc.

In case you can upgrade your KNIME Version or you are already on 4.3 or higher you can use the new framework :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Best regards

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@laaaarsi Thank you this was helpful!

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