How to upload a file to KNIME Server


I was wondering if it is possible to upload a local file (say an excel file) to a KNIME Server workflow, via a pop up.

In a perfect world, the user would run the workflow, a pop-up would occur for them to select their file and then the process would carry on.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @ThomasRobsonPG

It is possible, see the File Upload Widget node.
Does that help you?


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Yeah I see the file upload widget, should i be using this inside of a component? I can’t seem to get it to create a pop up when I run the process on the server.




Yes, when you use it inside a component you will get the interactive view of it

You can also put a default file there if you want to.
It’s not a popup however.



Thank you! I wasn’t using it correctly inside the component.

Out of interest, do you know what happens to the file once you upload it? Does it get stored in an online database? Does it get deleted at the end of the process run? Or will the file stay there until its deleted?


There are two options:

  • either the file is stored in a temp folder in the workflow directory (e.g./path/to/workflow/tmp/file_name). This the default behavior, and you can change it by unchecking the checkbox in the node config.
  • or it will be created in the temp directory of the system. Note that this can cause problems e.g. with file system access when running on KNIME Server.
    The uploaded file will be deleted from the workflow when the workflow is discarded or reset.

KNIME does NOT collect any data in an online database, everything happens on your local machine or your instance/machine the KNIME Server is running on. We never collect your data nor do we have or want access to it! :slight_smile:



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