How to use "Container Input(Table)" node with "Call Workflow (Table Based)" node


I was wondering if I put a table to “Call Workflow (Table based)” by using “Conatiner Input(Table)”.
So if I put a table to it, then I want to see the table at the workflow that is called by “Call Workflow (Table based)” node.
Please let me know if it is possible.


Hello @hhkim ,

it seems to me you are working on a project. :slight_smile: Could you share us more details what would be your use case, what would be the expected result? Maybe some info about the nature of your settings, data, perhaps a screenshot of your workflow that you are struggling with? In this way it is a chance we could give more suitable solution for you.


Thank you for your reply.

There are two workflows.
A first workflow call a second workflow by using “Call Workflow (Table Based)” and puts a table from mysql.
Then I want the second workflow recieve the input table from “Call Workflow (Table Based)”
But when I used “Container Input (Table)” to recieve the table, it didn’t work.
Please let me know if there is another good way even if it’s not this way.

(First Workflow)
(Second Workflow)

Hi @hhkim ,

please check this fresh and crispy post in this topic.

Also it worth looking our example workflows on the hub dealing with workflow calling (and also for several other topic for your further projects.)


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Gotta love how you describe that. ‘Fresh and crispy’. Yum yum! :rofl:

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