How to use database connection closer node

Hey guys,

I want in my workflow, to close the database connection after the workflow is done.
I found there is the node Database connection closer but not sure how i can use it.
Can somebody please help me out if your might have used it before. Or if you can suggest me any other node, that would be helpful too.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi there @dgambhir_1,

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Simply connect it with node that has compatible output port - the one that outputs database connection. To make sure you close connection after last node is finished use flow variable connection. Something like this for example:


Also I suggest you to use new database framework as node you screenshot is now considered legacy.



Thanks @ipazin for the help.

I am trying executing the workflow with the node you mentioned in your screenshot. But i am not sure why i am getting below error at this node. even though i reset the DB connector node.

WARN DB Connection Closer 2:339 Database connection does not exist. Please reset the corresponding connector node.

@ipazin, never mind, my job is done. it has something to do with connection issue.

Thanks a ton for the help. I really appreciate it. Happy to be part of this group.


I’m replying to this vintage February 2012 thread, only to signal that in February 2020 the DB Connection Closer node is still orphan, i.e. it is not used in any of the (more than) 1804 workflows available (today) in the KNIME Hub :frowning:


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Hi @paobar61,

In order to have one orphan node less I will try to create (meaningful) workflow example. Hopefully shouldn’t be hard :smiley:




Another orphan node to save @ipazin :wink:

Hi @paobar61,

someone else will have to save that one :wink:


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