How to use group loop start node along with Excel writer to write files for each group

I have a column which has three unique values A, B, C. I want to write three different excel files in a local folder directory corresponding to each of these groups A, B and C. Is there a way to use the group loop start node and somehow pass variable file name to the excel writer node and create 3 files (in 3 loops). I could not find a way to pass variable file paths to excel writer node. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @sidharth_1993

Welcome to the KNIME community! Have a look around on the forum and the hub, there are quite a few examples available that cover this problem.


@sidharth_1993 you can take a look about how to create path variables in KNIME:


@mlauber71 , @ArjenEX , thanks a lot for the examples. I replicated this on my end and was able to solve the problem. Thank you!


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