how to use HTTP Retriever/ HTML Parser with local HTML files


I am trying to use the HTTP Retriever and the HTML Parser. I have crawled some websites and saved them into a folder. It is a HTML file. I am using the node “list files” to start a workflow.

After connecting “list files” with the HTTP Retriever and the HTML Parser there is no error message. But there is also no result. Neither at the HTTP Retriever, nor at the HTML Parser. There is only a red question mark.

Hi ArvenS,

you can parse local data by inputting it as “binary” cell into the HTML Parser. The HTTP Retriever is not necessary in this case:

You can find the workflow on my NodePit Space:

Does this help?

[edit] Sorry, still early in the UK. Actually, the Files to Binary Objects is not even necessary here – you can simply input the file:// URL which is generated from the String to URI node. One node less :slight_smile:


thank you very much! My workflow finally works :smile:

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Superb! Great to hear :+1:

Can you send me your workflow?
Please i want to read HTML file data in KNIME but i can’t can you help me out.

It’s posted above.


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