HTML reading


I have html format data.From our internal system I download data as html format.but I cannot read html data.I used GETREQUEST node but it does not read data and shows missing data as ?.

can you help me to read html file?

I usually go with the line reader node for html

I you want to parse (and not just read) the HTML file for further processing using Palladian, have a look at this thread: how to use HTTP Retriever/ HTML Parser with local HTML files - #2 by qqilihq

There’s a ready-to-use example workflow on my NodePit Space:


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thanks for suggeston , I tried but only empty file returned to me.That does not read data :frowning:

I could not find HTML Parser node.I do not have.
so I cannot proceed.


It’s included in Palladian and available for free for KNIME Desktop from here:

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thank you , I have found and installed.

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