How to use Loop nodes with the twitter workflow

Hello Knime Forum,

my question is, how to use the loop nodes to the twitter workflow that it will works automaticlly on a server, until two weeks.


thank you for reading !!!


cheers ayhan

Do you see an error message? Something in the logs?

Cheers, gabor

No no , i dont know how to connect the generic loop start and the variable condition loop end , i need the data output in a csv, the workflow from the twitters works, but no it is important, that the workflow, works from his self 

no nothing, because i dont know how to coonnect them

So you want the flow to be executed regularly? You could use loops for that, but I wouldn't. Just use batch mode and a cron-job or something along that line.

The main problem with using loops would be that there is nothing like a "sleep" Node. Snippets can call Thread.sleep(), and I have used that to avoid dos-filters, but this is kind of a hack so Knime may start doing something weird, probably using a lot of ressources.

Or you could buy the Server version with integrated scheduled execution, avoiding all the problems.