How to use regular expression to Delete multiple Row according to RowID number thank to Rowfilter

Hello Everybody,
I had a table where i want to delete 5lines according to their rowID ( Id 0,3,11,12,19) with the Rowfilter node. I went in the “Exclude rows by rowID” catégorie but i cant figure what to write in the regular expression to make it work, i made some research and i don’t find something that is working.
Does someone know how to do it please ?
I thank you verry much in advance

I would use this node to create a new column with the row ID values first. Then filtering should be easy with the rule filter / splitter node.

Hello @ThomasAmb33,

this expression will filter Row0, Row1 and Row17:

You should be able to modify it to take your row ids into account. If you are doing some automation make sure you always have information you want to filter associated with those row ids. Welcome to KNIME Community!



Hello ICFO,
Thank you for your message,
I find a simpler solution : it is to write the regular expression : Row[0,3,11,12,19].
By the way thank you verry much for your time and your help :slight_smile:

Hello ipazin,
Thank you for your message,
Your scrib didn’t work but i try with “,” instead of “l” ( Row[0,3,11,12,19]) and it work perfectly.
Thank you verry much for your help, i would not find without you :slight_smile: .

My bad ipazin,
Your solution or mine work only for integer under 10 ( only fith figure so). For exemple, when i write 17, the row id 1 is take off. It seems to take only the first figure.

finally, it my solution does not work, i will try yours :slight_smile:

Hello @ThomasAmb33,

I used wrong parentheses. I have edited my original answer. Give it a try now.


Thank you verry much it work perfectly fine

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