how to use string maniplutaion (for multi column only a node)

hi dear form user

ı have a question and problem. ı have two colum in table. first columns is about family size for person . unique verables is 1 , 2 3,+3 and another columns no_of_children unique values : 1 ,2 ,3 ,+3
+3 means combining those over 3 into a group. What I want to delete the + and convert this column to a numeric variable. What should I do about this issue?

Hi @BerkayAkar
You can do this using “String Manipulation”:


thanks for your answer sir but ı have 2 columb and they has “+”

if we use String Manipulation node we required 2 nodes

how to do the same operation with one node ? for clear “+” in two columb ?

Use “ُstring Manipulation(multi column)”:

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how to use it i dont know it ? could you give a example to me for two columb in one node ?

See attached workflow:
StringManipulation(MultiCol)-Example.knwf (6.6 KB)


thanks for giving answer sir have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi @BerkayAkar , just out of curiosity, what is the issue of doing this in 2 nodes (in reference to “if we use String Manipulation node we required 2 nodes”) ?


good question, I thought the same


hi dear user.
At first, thank you for your interest. I am constantly comparing it with python as I am new to this platform Using multiple nodes crowds my working environment
I like to work in a clean and simple environment (with little confusion) i wondered if it could be done with a single knot

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Hi @BerkayAkar , I see and fair enough. As you work more and more with Knime, you will see cases where nodes will branch other several nodes (basically you will have some results where you want to run different processes on them, so you branch off the same results without having to “re-compile” the data), and learn about how to make them clean with metanodes.

You’ll get there somehow :slight_smile: , but for now, I understand your point.

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