How to use String Manipulation on a specific cell within Table Creator

I have a table that I would like to replace a specific string within a specific cell. Is this possible? Trying to use string manipulation will either wipe the whole column with the new text or error out when trying to point it to that cell. Anyone know how to go about this?

Hi @tschmied,

I would split the row you want to change

Then apply your manipulation

And then reconcat the row into the table


So, when using the Concatenate node to put it back together it puts the cell at the top of the table now and not down below where it was before. The row split worked though.

is the order important? then you could get an row-order id through the rank node (ordinal) before the split and after the concat you can use the sort node to reapply the correct order :+1:


Hi there @tschmied,

if I got you right you need node that when your condition is satisfied it will apply data transformation. Otherwise nothing changes in column. If so you can use Column Expressions node for your task with if/else logic and appropriate string function :wink:



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