How to use String Strip Function Multi-column

Hi all, I’m trying to eliminate blank spaces using the Strip function for Multicolumn but I’ve been getting the following error. I’m new to Knime, and could not find good resources on how to properly use the strip function.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 115315

Hi @DiegoCorreiaXTL

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The strip function can only be applied to columns of type string. You have integers in your list and probably also doubles based on the error. If you only have string columns in the list, the node will work.


Hi @ArjenEX,
Got it. Thank you for the help.
I’m not getting the error anymore, but when I execute the node, it replaces all my DATA. Am I missing anything?

Yes, $$CURRENTCOLUMN$$ is a variable. It does not require to be within quotes.

strip($$CURRENTCOLUMN$$) is the correct syntax.


That’s great! It worked now. Thank you so much for the help


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